Kauri Dieback Submission

29 Jul 2019

Plant producers play a vital role in the management of pests and diseases, including Kauri Dieback.

Competent and professionally run nurseries have the knowledge and skills to manage critical diseases such as Kauri Dieback.

Professional plant producers are acutely aware that biosecurity hazards are readily spread and that the nursery stock distribution pathway has the potential for pests, such as Kauri Dieback to be rapidly spread throughout New Zealand into the environment.

Our industry is continuing to build on its existing capability in biosecurity management through a range of initiatives including the Plant Production Biosecurity Scheme (PPBS).

By recognizing the industry biosecurity management system in a Kauri Dieback Submission, MPI can achieve effective management of Kauri Dieback within nurseries.

Our Position

  • NZPPI supports the development of a Kauri Dieback Submission and the objectives of the plan, to reduce the harmful effects of kauri dieback on environmental, social, cultural and economic wellbeing, by preventing its spread and minimising its impacts on New Zealand’s kauri, kauri forests, our culture, our communities and on the New Zealand economy.
  • We recommend that MPI works in partnership with NZPPI and professional nurseries through the Plant Production Biosecurity Scheme (PPBS) to develop and implement the Kauri Dieback Submission and to develop and promote good practice standards for the management of Kauri Dieback.
  • We recommend that the Kauri Dieback Submission includes recognition of a management plan for Kauri Dieback in nurseries as a module that is implemented through the PPBS.
  • This approach follows the successful management of Myrtle Rust in nurseries that is underpinned by the NZPPI Myrtle Rust Protocols.
  • We support an approach within the management plan that requires nurseries that grow Kauri seedlings to provide evidence that they have implemented the required management practices for Kauri Dieback, e.g through certification to the PPBS (including a Kauri Dieback module).
  • We support the inclusion of specific controls for nurseries and plant producers that grow Kauri but are unable to demonstrate their management practices for Kauri Dieback.


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