Honorary Life Membership Citation – Carol Fraser

25 Nov 2020

New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated is very pleased to award Carol Fraser Honorary Life Membership of the Society.

This award recognises your outstanding service and contribution to the plant nursery organisations and industry over many years.

In granting this Award the NZ Plant Producers Board recognises your contribution to education and development of our young people. Your commitment to industry training and supporting the annual Young Achievers competition has inspired a generation of young people to learn and succeed in our industry.
In particular, you have:

  • Contributed to NZ Plant Producers Young Achiever programme from 2009 to 2018, providing programme leadership, judging, coaching, and mentoring of NZ Plant Producers candidates for the Young Horticulturist competition.
  • Made valuable and influential contributions to industry training programmes.
  • Managed and tutored at the Growing Spectrum Horticultural Training Centre. Students were able to study hands-on in the nursery, and Growing Spectrum was able to employ trained staff who already have a knowledge of nursery work. The Training Centre operated until 2010, training students from throughout Waikato.
  • Made an entrepreneurial contribution to industry through horticultural training, garden retail (the progressive Frasers Garden Centre), and nursery production (the prestigious Growing Spectrum).

Your work leaves a legacy that will ensure vital horticultural skills are kept alive and nourished.

We congratulate you on this achievement and thank you for your untiring work and support for our industry.

This award was proposed by Malcolm Woolmore and seconded by Peter Tayler.

Honorary Life Membership is the highest award granted by New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated. Only eight people have been awarded Honorary Life Membership before Carol.

Honorary Life Membership confers to the awardee all the rights and privileges of Producer Membership of NZ Plant Producers.

NZ Plant Producers is the industry body for plant nurseries and related businesses. Our members produce the plants growing the food that Kiwis eat and export, regenerating New Zealand's forests, beautifying our urban landscapes and being planted by millions of Kiwis in their backyards.

Our vision is a vibrant plant production industry widely respected for its professionalism, innovation, and major contribution to New Zealand.



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