COVID Resources - Level 2 operations

20 May 2020

Customers can enter your premises, select their purchases, and talk face-to-face with you and your staff. No hugs or handshakes yet though – physical distancing is still important.

Many of the Level 4 & 3 restrictions have been eased. Under Level 2 you can:

  • Sell any of the products in your range.
  • Allow customers to enter your premises and select their own purchases.
  • Accept cash payments and provide change IF you have appropriate processes for washing hands and sanitising the cash and till.

You should also:

  • Define how many customers you can have onsite while keeping physical distancing. This could be as simple as measuring your aisles in meters and dividing by 2.
  • Count customers in and out so you know how many are onsite. It may be necessary to queue customers at busy times. Provide enough space for them to keep physical distance in the queue, or take numbers and ask them to wait in their vehicle.
  • Record customer contact details (see below).
  • Provide hand sanitizer for customers (and must provide hand-washing facilities if you serve food or drink).
  • Maintain your cleaning/sanitising regime for high-contact surfaces (eg, eftpos terminals, tills, door handles, trollies, baskets, etc etc).
  • Discourage customers from touching any item they do not intend to purchase today.
  • Post obvious signage about your physical distancing rules.
  • Consider offering a click-and-collect service into Level 2.
  • Supply gloves and hand sanitiser to all staff handling customers’ purchases.
  • Maintain all standard health and safety practices.
  • Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!

Recording customer contact details is highly recommended and has advantages for your business. If you record customer details you can allow 1m physical separation on your premises – for customers, staff, and visitors. If you choose not to record contact details you must maintain 2m separation on your premises. The information you need to record is explained here.

For more information on operating under Level 2 go to:

Gardening NZ Q&A for garden retailers
Worksafe Level 2 advice
COVID Level 2 information for businesses
NZPPI’s COVID-19 work is supported and funded by our members.
How to stay informed:

New information for nurseries and garden centres will be posted regularly on the NZPPI website and on the NZPPI Facebook  - please stay informed by checking these sites regularly through the days ahead,
For urgent matters, contact Matthew Dolan,
0276 229 255



Download NZPPI L2 Protocols
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