Myrtle Rust - Key Messages

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Myrtle Rust - Key Messages 12 May 2017

  • The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has today issued a legal direction which makes it mandatory for nurseries, retailers, and plant transporters to comply with the NZPPI Myrtle Rust Risk Management Protocols.
  • NZPPI fully support the approach taken by MPI - especially as the NZPPI protocols have been in place since last Saturday and voluntarily followed by our members - and jointly issued a media statement on Friday afternoon announcing the notice.
  • By following the NZPPI protocols you will be meeting all the requirements set out in MPI’s legal direction. NZPPI has worked with MPI to confirm this.
  • The NZPPI protocols, are available on the NZPPI website,, along with myrtle rust ID guides and photos.
  • It’s important to note that the alternative to this mandatory approach is not the ‘status quo’. NZPPI is aware that there have been calls for a movement control ‘standstill’ for all Myrtaceae plants in Northland however NZPPI does not believe this is approach is technically justified and strongly opposes it.
  • As the peak industry body for plant producers and garden retailers, NZPPI is continuing to work closely MPI and DOC to play our part in the myrtle rust response in Kerikeri.
  • We fully support the response efforts and action taken to date, which have been decisive and well executed. New Zealand, through Government, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and industry working together, is well prepared to deal with incursions like this.
  • We are part of the team of 4.7 million New Zealanders always on the lookout for serious pests and diseases.
  • The Kerikeri nursery owners who made the report to MPI have done exactly the right thing. We applaud them for making such a prompt notification, and they have the full support of the industry.
  • Early notifications such as this are crucial – they give us the best chance of a successful response to protect New Zealand.
  • The situation in the myrtle rust response remains unchanged - there are still just two known infected properties. The initial nursery in Kerikeri where the myrtle rust incursion was first detected and a neighbouring residential garden.
  • All other suspected finds that have been sampled have tested negative for myrtle rust.