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Sowing the Seeds of Opportunity

NZPPI is all about you - our members. We exist to serve members’ needs; some obvious, some not. We're here to provide members with leadership, services, representation and development.

Our members are drawn from and represent a broad range of plant producers. Among them are businesses that produce plants for retailers and home gardeners, landscapers, councils and amenity spaces, environmental restoration, and revegetation, orchards, vineyards, vegetable and other food producers, and forestry. The plants our members produce are the genesis of much that's green in New Zealand and of New Zealand's domestic and export horticultural produce.

Our producer members are complemented by others we work with, and who are integral to our success - our industry partner members. These business are producer's customers and suppliers. They include retailers, landscapers, orchardists, foresters, councils, nursery and garden industry merchandise suppliers - media, chemicals, fertilisers …


Membership is voluntary and open to all who have an interest in the plant producer industry.

Member Classes

  • Producer – those eligible for producer membership are persons, businesses or entities engaged in producing plants or parts of plants for and or supplied to: 
    • Retail
    • Landscape, amenity and revegetation
    • Orchards and vineyards
    • Forestry
    • Food production (excluding orchards and vineyards)
    • Other plant producers (for example breeders, between nurseries, tissue culture)

  • Industry Partner – any other person or entity that has an interest the objectives of NZPPI (for example retailers, landscapers, orchardists, foresters, councils nursery and garden industry merchandise suppliers - media, chemicals, fertilisers …)

  • Student & Life – at Board discretion.

We've provision for Contracting Parties where a producer is precluded from membership by conscience or religion.


Producers – 0.3% of sales based upon a validated producer declaration for their last financial year closest to the start of NZPPI’s financial year.  To protect confidentiality, membership fees are paid to an independent collection agency.  Minimum fee $350.

Industry Partners - Based upon broad and limited turnover bands.

  • < $ 1 million - $ 350 plus GST
  • < $ 5 million - $ 700
  • < $ 15 million - $ 2,500
  • < $ 30 million - $ 5,000
  • > $ 30 million - $ 10,000


Contact Us:
New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated
PO Box 3443, Wellington 6140.
P: 04 918 3511

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NZPPI member-exclusive benefits

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