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  11 May 2017

Kerikeri myrtle rust response

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This is advanced notice that tomorrow (Friday 12 May) the Ministry for Primary Industries will be issuing a legal direction (Notice of Direction under the Biosecurity Act), which makes it mandatory for nurseries to comply with the MPI-approved NZPPI Myrtle Rust Risk Management Protocols. This will include the use of the Myrtle Rust Nursery Management Declaration.

NZPPI understands the direction will likely apply to both plant producers in the Kerikeri area, and to those businesses that have that have received plants from Kerikeri Plant Production.

Specific details of the notice are being finalised overnight, and MPI has authorised NZPPI to give this advanced notice to plant producers so we can all be as prepared as possible when the notice comes into effect tomorrow.

As the NZPPI protocols have been in place (be it on a voluntary basis) since last Saturday, this should not require a significant change. The additional 'declaration' step above is the only addition to the protocol we are expecting. Notably, this addition was already in motion prior to MPI’s decision (requested by the NZPPI board earlier this week and developed by NZPPI over the last 48 hours).

Plant producers should understand the alternative to this mandatory approach by MPI was not "status quo". NZPPI is aware there have been strong calls for a movement control "stand still" for all Myrtaceae plants in Northland from some stakeholders, which we strongly oppose as it is not technically justified.

NZPPI is in full support of the Ministry’s approach, and we will work with affected plant producers and the Ministry to ensure the direction is effectively implemented.

MPI will issue the legal direction and announce this tomorrow (Friday). As soon as we have it to hand, we’ll post details to the NZPPI myrtle rust webpage –

NZPPI is available to assist any businesses who need help with this or have questions – email, phone 021 370 168.


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